Reserve classified ads in all Indian newspapers instantly at no additional cost


The ads varied into several branches. Most people tend to think that visual advertising is the future of advertising. But recent studies have shown that these assumptions are completely wrong and unfounded. Newspaper ads are still the most popular, if not the first, format. You can reach a large number of readers when you choose to publish ads in any newspaper of your choice.

What are classified ads?

Classified ads are usually text ads published in newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc. These ads may contain contact details (phone numbers / email addresses), promotional content etc. Currently, you can reserve secret display ads. Categorized display ads are very similar to added text ads with designers’ boxes / color, designs, images and much more. Typically the cost of text ads classified according to the number of words while the cost of display ads is calculated according to their sizes.

Means of booking classified ads:

In general, you can book newspaper ads in all Indian newspapers through –

I) Newspaper advertisements agents / agencies

ii) Online rated reservation agencies. Earlier, the host of newspaper ads booking agencies / agencies was the primary medium for reserving classifieds in Indian newspapers. But over time, time technology has led to the appearance of classified ads online. Now anyone can book their newspaper ads online instantly by visiting the rated online booking agency. You can save a lot of time while booking newspaper ads online via our online newspaper reservation agency.