Successful out of body experiences – a checklist for beginners

Wondering why you haven’t yet had an astral travel experience? Since everyone, including you, has the power to travel astrally, something must have gone wrong somewhere. Do you practice regularly? If so, the problem may be wrong thinking, wrong eating habits, and other such factors.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you better prepare for an out of body adventure.

1. Have you done detoxification of your body recently?

If you have not done so, this may hinder your progress in astral projection. You need to focus on your physical health right away. Once you do a body detox and cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, it will be easier for you to remove unwanted and negative thought patterns from your mind.

2. Is your mind free from anger and hatred?

If not, you will find it difficult to access the spiritual realm through out of body experiences. Get rid of all these negative thoughts first. Forgive everyone who hurt you. They really didn’t know what they were doing. You see, people hurt each other and are cruel to each other only because of a lack of awareness and understanding. They are just babies in the spiritual world and they have to grow and develop a lot. Just as you can’t hate a baby for not walking, you can’t hate these people for being cruel and unfriendly to you. Practice complete forgiveness, understanding, and tolerance. Free your mind from negative thoughts of hatred and anger. This could help you make progress in your spiritual endeavors.

3. Don’t you take vegetarian food?

If so, go vegan and see if that doesn’t change anything. Eat light food. Avoid dinner. Since most out of body experiences are carried out at night, you have to reserve your energies for your spiritual efforts. You don’t want all your energy to be used to digest a heavy meal while you sleep and snore blissfully.

4. Do you meditate?

If you don’t, you need to start right away. Meditation improves your ability to relax and concentrate better. Both are necessary in order to successfully travel astrally.

5. Do you feel good about the colors around you?

If not, change the color schemes around you. Paint your room. Buy clothes in colors you love. Colors play an important role in thinking and feeling. They can help you gain more control over your mind and body.

Make these simple changes in your life and see if things don’t get better. You will soon have the first astral travel experience in your life.

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