4 care tips for the e-bike battery

The electric bicycle battery is usually lithium-based and can store a large amount of energy for regular long journeys. With proper care and attention, these batteries can run over the long term without having to invest in expensive placement. Here are some tips for caring for the battery:

Charge the lithium battery

The best strategy for keeping lithium batteries healthy is to keep them fully charged whenever possible. This even applies to recharging after a short drive that only takes 1 or 2 miles. If the battery is periodically fully discharged, its ability to hold a charge in the future is sure to be compromised. If the battery is completely discharged, it must be charged as soon as possible.

Keep the battery clean and dry

Although these batteries are rated for a small amount of light rain, it is usually a good idea to keep them clean and dry whenever possible. The actual contacts of the battery must be kept dry to avoid corrosion or oxidation problems that will affect its performance and efficiency in the long term. It is convenient to check the contacts monthly. At the first sign of corrosion, an emery cloth can be used to ensure proper cleaning.

Maintain the cool temperature of the battery

The battery cells hold their charge less effectively in very warm environments. This means that the battery will lose power faster in hot weather. This has the disadvantage that the battery has to be charged at regular intervals. The lithium power can significantly extend the travel distance when kept and stored in cold conditions.

Store the e-bike properly

If you plan to leave the e-bike inactive for several months, it is important that it is properly stored. For best results, it is beneficial to leave the battery on at least 80% charge, which is useful in slowing the amount of capacity at which the current is discharged. Try to store the bike in an environment that is relevantly cool and out of direct sunlight. For long-term storage, it is also advantageous to charge the battery every 5 to 10 weeks.


Ten Little Known Facts About The Columbia River

However, here are ten little-known facts about the Columbia River:

1. The Columbia River is the largest hydropower river in the entire North American continent. Along its length there are fourteen different hydropower plants that stretch across the width of the river and generate electricity that can be used from both inside and outside the area.

2. In 1836 the first steamship entered the Columbia River when the British ship ‘Beaver’ set out on the voyage.

3. An area of ​​the Columbia River called Hanford Reach, south of the Priest Rapids Dam and before the river reaches the Tri-Cities, is the last stretch of the Columbia River in the United States that flows freely and is not obstructed by dams. Reservoirs or the effects of the ocean tides.

4. The Columbia River begins in Canada and flows south into and through Washington State before flowing into the Pacific. Even so, the river actually flows northwest for the first 200 miles of its journey.

5. The first European explorer to travel the entire length of the Columbia River from the headwaters to the Pacific was the Canadian explorer David Thompson, who did so in 1811.

6. More than 40 percent of the wheat exported from the US is barge down the Columbia River.

7. Only three rivers actually flow completely through the Cascade Mountains. the Columbia River along the Washington-Oregon border, the Klamath River in Oregon, and the Pit River in California.

8. Cape Disappointment is the name for the landmark on the northern edge of the mouth of the Columbia River. It was named as such by British captain John Meares, who had looked for the legendary river but could not find it.

9. Vanport City was a parish near Portland that was completely destroyed in 1948 due to a massive flood resulting from a failed levee. At the time of its destruction, it was the second largest city in Oregon.

10. An 18th century landslide near what is now Cascade Locks, Oregon, formed a land bridge that crossed the Columbia River, making it easier for Native American tribes on both sides to trade with one another. The name for this bridge was the bridge of the gods. There is now a bridge near the slide, also known as the Bridge of the Gods.

The Columbia River will continue to be one of the most widely used and needed resources in the Pacific Northwest. The electricity generated on the river benefits residents well outside the Washington and Oregon borders and has played an important role in the development of industry as well as war production. The Columbia River offers a number of options for both visitors to the area and locals in the area. From water skiing to fishing, boating, swimming, trading, transportation, and more, the Columbia River has something for almost anyone traveling nearby.


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“Aamchi Mumbai (our Mumbai)” This is what people learn as soon as they breathe the air of Mumbai. Mumbai is a mega city fueled by wealth, glamor, power and fame and attracting people with dreams and aspirations. In contrast, it’s also a city with strong historical connections, wonderful British architecture, museums, and most importantly, the home of Bollywood. The Dabbavalas (Lunch Carrier) and Dhobivalas (Washer Men) are a sight to see. So book your EWR to BOM flights and travel from Newark to Mumbai (EWR to BOM) to catch the main events in Maharashtra’s capital.


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Mumbai was built on seven islands that were 16th century Portuguese territories off the west coast of India. These islands were given to England under this title as part of the dowry of Catherine of Braganza when she married Charles II in 1661. The original islands given to England were Isle of Bombay, Colaba, Isle of the Old Woman (Little Colaba), Mahim, Mazagaon, Parel, and Worli. Since then, Mumbai has been known as the city of seven islands. Don’t you think that it is even more valuable to visit us? Simply log on to our website and book your tickets from EWR to Mumbai (EWR by parts list).

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Information about Lake Travis

Lake Travis was founded in 1942 as a reservoir on the Colorado River and is located on the west side of Austin. It is one of the seven Highland Lakes formed by the Lower Colorado River Authority. It stretches for 65 miles and has the largest storage capacity of any Highland Lakes. It is used for water supply, flood protection and power generation. Because of its size, it serves as the primary reservoir for flood protection along the Highland Lake chain.

Lake Travis is vital to the water supply of Austin and the surrounding metropolitan areas. It’s also important when it comes to power generation as it contains 3 pin shafts which are responsible for redirecting energy to 3 turbines. Overall, these turbines can generate 93,000 kW of power. Thanks to its 24 locks, each 8.5 feet in diameter, the lake is also a key component in keeping floods in check in the area.

Depending on the amount of rainfall in the region, the amount of rainfall can vary dramatically throughout the year. Even so, it is a very popular area for outdoor recreation. Some of the activities that are often enjoyed here are:

o boating

o Camping

o fishing

o picnicking

o diving

o swimming

There are also a number of parks along Lake Travis, including Hippie Hollow. This Travis County Park is the only public park with optional clothing in the state of Texas. Its clear waters and maximum depth of 210 feet make it particularly popular with divers and others who enjoy recreational activities in the water. However, it should be noted that there have been recent reports of leeches in the lake. Although leeches are generally considered harmless, they can be bothersome while enjoying aquatic activities in the bodies of water.

There is a wide variety of fish in this lake as the lake is regularly filled with fish to encourage recreational fishing. Some of the fish species found in the lake are:

o Catfish

o Guadalupe bass

o Largemouth bass

o Striped bass

o Sunfish

o White bass

In total, Lake Travis covers 18,929 acres and has a capacity of 1,953,936 acres. The lake is considered full when its water level reaches 681 feet above sea level, but it was as high as 710.4 feet above sea level and as low as 614.2 feet above sea level. When the lake is at its “full” level, it contains a whopping 382,092,882,600 gallons of water.

Lake Travis also has a total of 270 miles of coastline. Many people have taken advantage of this coastline and as a result, there are several homes throughout the Lake Travis area. There are also several restaurants in the area, as well as shopping and other options for having fun on and off the water.


Increase in brain power

“If the mind is really the best computer, then there are many

from people out there who need to be restarted. “

– Bryce’s law


In the world of writing there is something called a “writer’s block” where the author is

hesitates to do his job and is easily distracted. Hopefully he will overcome

the problem and tackles its task. To do this, he has to eliminate

Distractions and keep his brain busy with the subject at hand. The same goes for

in any case, be it a carpenter, an engineer or a programmer. The more we

the brain can involve the more we can produce. The challenge is therefore

how to maximize the use of our brain. By brain power, I am not referring to a

Measure IQ, but just do what God has given us.


I may not be a psychologist, but it was my observation as a management

Advisors that there are essentially three levels on which our brain works:


This represents our basic instincts and reflex actions when we stumble through

Life (I call this the “autopilot” mode). For example, we are planning a morning

Regime where we wake up and prepare for work. We are not at that level

most awake. Instead, let’s just catch up on the news, Brush

our teeth, clothe us, and travel to work. Likewise at the end of the day we

Slow down our activity as we prepare for sleep. In other words, we are evolving

predictable routines that are run through day after day without much thought. The

Brain is busy, but far from our maximum performance. In fact, we take in more

when we deleted. Here we want to be entertained or informed.


This level corresponds to the same level for input and output. The brain is either

Accelerate (at the beginning of the working day) or slow down (at the end)

of the working day). At this level we have no problem taking instructions and

produce an average amount of work, quite often mundane or routine tasks

simply to pass the time of day. We are also easily distracted. Normally

Work Day, Level 2 usually occurs between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (as work)

Day begins), 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. (after lunch) and 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. (as

We prepare for the end of the working day.


This level represents a high level of performance where we can concentrate

and give our best work effort. The brain is busy here and ours

The output exceeds our input because we focus on the job in hand. By doing

normal working day, level 3 usually occurs between 10:00 and 12:00,

and 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.


Let us now consider how we use the time during the average working day and

Think how much is used at the different levels. First we’ll share that

Day in three equal steps of eight hours: sleep, work and personal time.


During this time the brain is not really busy other than maintaining

Body functions.


Based on studies we’ve done on time management, we have

found that most corporate office workers are about 70% effective.

That is, in an eight-hour work day, they spend about six hours doing it

direct work orders and two hours for indirect activities (time that

does not contribute directly to their duties; z. B. breaks, meetings,

Taking instructions or instructions, etc.)


This is the time when we do pet projects and hobbies.

Pay bills, run errands, attend an event (e.g. a meeting),

Relaxation, awake, prepare for sleep, etc. During this time we have

Typically, you will spend two hours of focused work and six hours

indirect activities.


This means that on a typical work day, we only spend eight hours really exercising

the brain (levels 2 and 3). But from a manager’s point of view, we are first and foremost

is devoted to the six hours of work. During this time people will

Spend about three hours on level 2 and three hours on

Level 3. This ratio between Level 2 and 3 varies depending on how well

The worker can involve the brain. Some people are able to get theirs involved

Level 3 brains for several hours, some only for an hour, and some not at all.

At this point, we need to realize that thinking is hard work. Although level 3

If we want employees to appear, we have to recognize that nobody can

Keep it running at full speed for an extended period of time. The brain gets tired and

moderates himself and changes from level 3 to level 2 or level 1.

We must also beware of the “cattle phenomenon” into which we fall

The boredom of repetitive behavior and as such our brains don’t advance

beyond level 2. Consequently, repetition often leads to laziness.

“Anyone who happily marches to the music in the base has already earned my contempt. He has

was accidentally given a large brain as the spinal cord would be enough for him. “

– Albert Einstein


It is the manager’s goal to keep employees at level 3 for that long

as it is practical, which makes the best and most voluminous work products. Do

Hence, the manager needs to minimize distractions, relieve tension, and maximize focus

on work (concentration). To do this, the manager should consider the following:

* Use of stimulants

No, I do not suggest the use of narcotics in the workplace, except: a

good strong cup of coffee (the rocket fuel of the industry). However, you want

create an environment that appeals to the human senses, especially visual,

Audio, touch, even smell. For example, a well-lit and brightly painted room

stimulates the human senses in contrast to a dark, dull, lackluster room. ONE

Painting or office furniture can add a touch of class and emphasize the disposition

of the office. A quiet office, perhaps with a suitable backdrop

Music can help people concentrate, as opposed to a noisy and boisterous environment.

Ergonomically designed office equipment can have a positive effect on employees

Behavior. But be careful not to introduce too much convenience, as it might disturb people

sleep. To illustrate, I have no problem with hard chairs forcing people

stand up and take care.

Encourage mental gymnastics during the day. Maybe a friendly debate

or solving a problem. It has long been known that puzzles, crosswords,

Chess, checkers and the like stimulate the human brain. Easy easy

Social intercourse can work wonders when it comes to stimulating the mind.

Look at room temperature; If it’s too warm or too cold, it will be distracting.

However, keep the room cooler than warm as this will have to keep you awake. Also

Look at the amount of available oxygen that stimulates the brain.

Another area to check is nutrition. Make sure the workers eat the right thing

Food in the right amount. Large meals tend to get people to sleep right away

after that.

Basic exercises can improve both physical and mental acuity. Lots

Companies are now offering in-house facilities for such programs.

Understand that employee breaks aren’t all bad. It gives one to the worker

Opportunity to get away from your job, clear your head and come back with you

better focus. Of course there will be employees who abuse this

Privilege and for this reason the manager must constantly monitor them

Use of breaks.

Ultimately, the corporate culture has a profound impact on the stimulation

of workers. When the right environment is in place, you can become lethargic

Workers in “movers and shackers”.

* Motivate

The manager must encourage workers to take on a challenge

and work harder. To this end, the manager must play the role of the industrialist

Psychologist to understand what makes people tick and thus provide the means

to motivate them to excel. This can be done with simple praise, and rewards

Recognition. This can also be done through constructive criticism. I have seen

Cases where both a cheerleading approach and a tough taskmaster approach

have had a positive effect. Some people respond to praise, others respond

better when their integrity is in question. Here the manager has to be intuitive

know when and where to press the right buttons on their workers.

The manager needs to be able to create a sense of urgency regardless of the urgency

Task at hand. This can be done with either a carrot or a stick, depending on the situation.

The employee must understand that their work is important and adds value to their life.

When they feel that their work is irrelevant, their self-esteem suffers and so does they

will make little effort to achieve anything. One way to do this is

empowering workers and making them more personally accountable for them

Measures and enable them to participate in the decision-making process. By

By creating a sense of ownership, the worker becomes more responsible (and active).

in their work effort.

* Avoid repetition

As mentioned earlier, repetition can cause the brain to relax. For this reason,

The manager has to think about how to break the monotony and create the monotony

Re-focus workers. Work breaks can dissolve boredom, perhaps with a short break

physical exercise thrown in. Scheduled breaks are effective, but they can also be provided

the problem of repetition; B. Workers work around expected breaks. In contrast,

Unscheduled breaks often work better because they upset workers’ expectations. think

of it as a game by “Musical Chairs”.

Sometimes a simple change of scene can help break up repetitions. Instead

Try a different physical destination if you keep meeting in the same place

Place to get workers interested.

* Health

No matter how logical we think we are, the brain is a physical organ

strongly influenced by human health. When we are sick or in need (maybe due

until the death of a loved one, an impending divorce, financial problems, etc.), it

is difficult to concentrate on our work. The manager should monitor the worker

take mental / physical health and corrective action. For example if someone

is sick, take them to a doctor so they can mend and become productive

once again. The last thing you need is someone to infect the rest of the way

Your employees with an infectious disease (e.g. colds, flu, etc.).

The manager should also look for sleep deprivation in workers and lawyers

them accordingly. A tired worker will not turn his brain on properly. Furthermore,

Look for signs of substance abuse and depression that may be detrimental

on their work.

* Minimize distractions

One of the manager’s duties is to monitor the environment of

the worker to minimize distractions and create a suitable environment

concentrate on their work tasks. To help with this, a project

The management system is useful for recording both direct and indirect activities. By

This allows the manager to analyze the causes of employee distractions and plan the action

Trends and take appropriate action to minimize interference. For example,

If a manager detects excessive phone use, they can develop a policy

arrest the abuse. It can even go so far as to put all outgoing calls on hold.

The point is, the manager should constantly monitor and analyze

Disruptions and distractions so workers can focus on theirs


* Avoid technology

A recent study was carried out for Hewlett by Kings College, London

Packard, whose purpose it was to study the effects of technology

on employee performance. According to Dr. Glenn Wilson, the study’s author:

“The results clearly showed that the technological distraction reduced the performance of the IQ test

(The averages dropped from 143.38 in calm conditions to 132.75 below

‘loud’ conditions). “

“The influence of the distraction was greater in men (145.50 to 127) than in women

(141.25 to 138.50). In other words, men were superior in calm conditions.

Women were superior in the state of distraction. This is consistent with the notion that women

are better than men at ‘multitasking’. “

“Loud conditions caused a remarkable increase in self-reported stress. Ratings on a scale of 0-10

The “stress” experienced during the test increased from 2.75 to 5.5 in men and from 4.75 to 6.75

for women. Note that women reported the test conditions in addition to the main effect

overall more stress than men. “

Basically, Wilson’s study says that overuse of technology is possible

affect a person’s brain performance. That is a bit annoying

as technology pervades our society now. For example when traveling

At the airports I recently saw the majority of my fellow passengers being “switched off”

Technology. The lion’s share of travelers today actively use iPods, PDAs,

Cell phones, DVD and CD players and laptops. It seems less and less

Travelers read a book or stop having conversations. In other words, most of them

Travelers today work at level 2.

If Wilson is right, and I think he is, the manager should pay attention to it

these adverse effects of technology and discourage the use of such devices,

especially during the break and encourage more interpersonal contact

instead. Technology has its place, but I tend to believe that we rely too heavily on one another

thereon. For example, using an automatic calculator allows our brains to relax

while the machine does the math. Too many times I’ve seen people reaching for you

Calculators to make a simple calculation instead of working it out

Paper and pencil. They just don’t want their brains occupied. Next me

I’ve seen entire technical departments come to a standstill with the power supply

Failures brought their computers to a standstill. Are they really lacking the ability to continue their work?

Job? Not really; Their thoughts were simply shut off by the technology.


The human brain distinguishes us from the rest of God’s creatures. It is

sad if we don’t take full advantage of it. How the brain shifts

between levels 1-2-3 we control ourselves. We can

choose to engage with it and strive to achieve it or not, and

get lazy and complacent. It can also be activated due to circumstances

and affected by others, such as our friends, family, and colleagues


How a manager manipulates the brain power of his worker is analogous to this

a mechanic fine tuning a car. He’s just trying to get that

most of it. Hopefully we can give the mechanic something to work with

With; If not, we’ll be scrapped.

“The more you use your brain, the more brain you have to use.”

– George Dorsey

Further information on time usage can be found below

“PRIDE” Special Subject Bulletins:

No. 18 – Be effective in project planning – April 04, 2005

No. 17 – Take the puzzle out of the estimate – March 28, 2005


How I hit the golf ball and how you can too!

My 5 ways to keep hitting the golf ball!

Number one: More compression.

The compression of the golf ball occurs when the ball presses against your club face. It is the main transmission of forces between your body and the golf ball. To increase compression, you need to hit the golf ball harder and keep your hands well in front of the golf ball on impact. To practice and increase your compression, striking slap shots with a 6 iron is a fantastic drill. To really force the feeling of this movement, you need to focus on launching the golf ball as low as possible. It is very important to compress the golf ball further and more precisely.

Number two: Better to bend into your right side.

The rotation is very important to keep hitting the golf ball. It is the main place where raw electricity is stored. You need to focus on rotating your whole body into your right hip. When looking in a mirror, your hips should stay central as your left shoulder moves over your body and goes under your chin. This is a complete turnaround. 90 degree shoulder rotations are the bare minimum we’re looking for. Hopefully this move feels like a massive turnaround. If not, you’re either a gymnast or you’re not doing it right!

Number three: Create more breadth.

More width is partly created by better rotation. As you put your left shoulder across your body, you get a wider arch. The best way to do this is to start your golf swing very low and slowly. You also need to feel that your left arm is really extended and away from your body.

Number four: Hold your head back from impact.

If you hold your head back on impact, you can keep hitting the golf ball. The reason for this is that it not only creates perfect starting conditions, but also promotes separation of the hips. The hip separation is a huge source of energy that most golfers don’t use. When your hips part, the golf club is dropped inward to create a tie. However, they also create the x-factor, which is similar to a rubber band effect. This creates a tremendous distance if you only use your body properly.

Number five: Go to the gym!

The strongest muscles in your golf swing are the glutes and legs. They are ‘the kings of the swing’, no really! Your legs and glutes are strongest to keep hitting the golf ball. The best exercises for strengthening your legs and glutes are: squats, lunges, and leg presses. They are all very easy to do and fantastic for increasing your golf swing. Plus, you really need a flexible back. Mainly: pecs, lats, shoulders and neck. Really stretch these muscles before and after golf and you will gradually notice a huge difference. The workout can be a “slow burn”, but nothing big happens overnight. Stick around longer than anyone else and you’ll be the one to get the rewards!


Battery that wirelessly charges multiple devices at the same time


Recently there was a report on the development of a battery that can be charged wireless many devices. By the way, this charging set uses an existing technology with a different approach that has never been tested before. This technique is reportedly being developed by a company called Energetic. This company had developed similar energy efficient devices in the past. It is designed to help users slowly charge their phones and other devices throughout the day. The charging takes place there wirelessusers do not need to plug the devices into a power source. The batteries have recently come onto the market. Currently, the cost of this extremely useful device is the same as other battery-based chargers on the market. In this article we are going to walk the reader through the key features of this new charger so they can make an informed decision.

Wireless recharge battery

This device can wireless Charge multiple other devices within 15 feet of the transmitter. The company has baptized it as WattUp. It uses Bluetooth LE technology to find the device to charge. This protocol also helps the device measure device distances so that it can send power efficiently. According to the laws of charge transfer, charging is faster if the device is nearby. Alternatively, charging a device farther away will be slow as the charges take time to travel the distance. The speed at which a device is charged also depends on the number of devices being charged by a single transmitter. When charging for a long time, the device does not heat up easily, unlike other power banks that heat up slowly.

Using the device

This feature can be easily built right into a phone, wireless speaker, or other rechargeable device that continuously consumes power. However, the construction of such a device will take time. Currently, users must turn their phones into a WattUp capable Battery for charging. Users don’t need a dedicated power adapter to charge a device. One power source can charge multiple devices within a 15-foot radius. However, the device must be charged continuously during operation. The device can also be used as a power bank for other devices. To do this, the company built a high capacity capacitor into the device that can hold the charge for a longer period of time.


Best explanation of the PW 100 motor and its parts

The engines of the PW 100 series are leading in modern, ultra-modern regional and commuter turboprop engines. With its three-coil design, easy-to-maintain modular structure, and high power rating, the engine is a logical choice for medium to large turboprops, including the Bombardier Q400, DeHavilland Dash 8, and Embraer EMB 120. Some consider the PW 100 a replacement for the venerable PT6, but in reality the PW 100 picks up where the PT6 Large version left off in terms of performance, fuel consumption and reliability. The PW 100 series consists of a number of variations. There is no actual PW 100 motor. The motors start with the PW118 motor and end with the PW127J.

The engines are essentially the same, with mostly a steady increase in power output and minor fluctuations in engine power and the ratio of mechanical shaft power to generated thrust. In other words, each turboprop is rated in Equivalent Shaft Power (eshp), which is a combination of the actual mechanical power on the output shaft and the amount of power available that is available as the conversion of the thrust generated on the exhaust pipe. The proportion varies, but is typically in the range of 80% of the power produced by the propeller and 20% of the power produced by the exhaust pipe.

The powerful PW 100 motor is completely modular. That is, it consists of a number of interchangeable modules that can be easily removed and replaced if there is a problem with the engine. The modules consist of the turbomachine, the power turbine assembly, the inlet housing and the gearbox for power reduction. The compact turbo machine consists of the double-coil gas generator and the accessory gearbox. The power turbine is connected to the rear of the turbomachine and has a two-stage power turbine that drives a shaft that runs forward in the center of the turbomachine’s shafts. The inlet housing is attached to the front of the turbomachine and provides space for air to be drawn into the compressor and support for the gearbox to reduce power. The power reduction gearbox mounts to the front of the inlet housing and takes the high speed input from the turbine shaft and converts it to high torque, low speed power taken from the propeller flange on the front of the gearbox.

Atmospheric air is drawn through the engine nacelle behind the propeller into a passive particle separator that is part of the nacelle. Clean intake air is drawn up into the downward scrolling motor inlet. Air is sucked into the turbomachine by the single-stage radial compressor. The air is accelerated outwards by the compressor and fed into numerous curved diffuser channels, which distribute the air flow evenly over the surface of the single-stage centrifugal high-pressure compressor. The high pressure compressor increases the pressure on some later models to a design pressure ratio of nearly 15: 1. The high pressure compressor feeds the airflow to a diffuser which converts the dynamic pressure to static pressure as it enters the annular backflow combustion chamber. The compressed air enters the inner combustion liner where it is mixed with jet fuel and ignited. The resulting gas is expanded through the high pressure nozzle to meet the high pressure single stage axial turbine that powers the high pressure compressor and accessory gearbox. The gas is then further expanded through the low pressure nozzle to drive the low pressure turbine, which drives the low pressure compressor. Eventually, the gas is expanded through the two-stage power turbine to drive a concentric shaft to the front of the engine, which drives the gearbox to reduce power. The exhaust is then drawn out of the short, fixed section, axial flow exhaust outlet to provide nearly 2,000 lbs. Thrust on some popular models of the PW-100 engine. The gearbox for power reduction reduces the speed of the power turbine to a useful 1,200 or 1,300 rpm to drive a four-bladed propeller at a constant speed. Accessories include a generator, oil pumps, fuel pumps, hydraulic pumps, and a FADEC fuel controller.

The dual coil compressor offers many advantages over a similar single coil compressor. Since the two compressors can be operated at different speeds, the compressors can be optimized for a large number of air flows. This allows for a higher design pressure ratio, much better part performance efficiency, and very quick engine response. High pressure ratios and high turbine inlet temperatures allow very low specific fuel consumption, and advanced cooling techniques and state-of-the-art materials allow a long time between overhaul periods.

There are a few other variants of the PW 100 worth mentioning. The PW150 motor is a high-performance development of the PW 100; It is very similar in overall construction and dimensions to the PW 100, with the exception that the low pressure compressor is a single stage axial followed by a single stage centrifugal. The pressure ratio is greater than 18: 1, and the engine produces power in the 5000 horsepower class. This makes it a suitable replacement for the Allison T56 or an alternative to the Rolls Royce AE1107C. There are also turbo shaft versions of the PW 100 where the gearbox and inlet are removed to reduce power and replaced with a shielded inlet with bell mouth and a carrier bearing. The engine output is at turbine speed. The motor could be an alternative to the CT7 (T700) turbo shaft in medium-sized helicopters, although it has not previously been used in this application. However, there is a ship variant of this turbo wave for modern military surface effect ships. These models are called the ST18M. The power is around 3,200 hp.


ETQ TG72K12 Camping Generator

The gas-powered camping generator ETQ TG72K12 8250 Watt 13 HP is also often used as one of the top models for home use. With its 13 hp motor, it delivers 8250 watts at maximum power. This device can provide power to multiple devices at the same time without hesitation and can operate at 50% load for up to 10.5 hours.

In addition to handling power outages, it is portable enough to take with you as a source of power for RVs and power all essential devices at home in an emergency. It also has a built-in electric start option for easy starts.

The throttle control technology can accelerate the engine when more power is needed, helping the engine to last longer while achieving the maximum possible fuel efficiency.

The ETQ TG72K 8250 W Reviews:

The ratings for the gas-powered model ETQ 8250 Watt were very good with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 possible stars. Most reviewers agreed that this is excellent value for money with all of the features included and the amount of power it delivers.

Some people commented that they especially liked the idle control when charging batteries. Other reviewers liked the fact that there was a fuel gauge in addition to a built-in hour meter. Attaching the wheels and handle assembly was as easy as starting the unit. Most reported that it was first started on the second or third puff when pull start was used and the first time afterwards.

People have reported that this model worked just fine in emergencies during recalculation of disasters like hurricanes where they were without power for up to ten days. During this time, they just stopped the device by adding fuel, which ran continuously and perfectly during that time.

Some people reported that they did not like the location of the starter cord and wished it was in a different location, but it still worked fine for them. A few other people weren’t happy that the auto-start battery wasn’t included, but were able to find a battery at Wal-Mart for a nominal cost.

In short, this is a very well made unit and the vast majority of people are very satisfied with this model as a home generator or RV generator unit and would recommend this unit to others and we also recommend it to be a powerful one , well built, durable and versatile generator.


Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Golf Skills

Golfers are always looking for great ways to improve their skills. I’ve compiled a list of the top three ways to improve your golf skills without paying an instructor to help you.

Your elbow must touch your hip

One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is keeping their elbows off their hips. It’s very easy to miss this step as it feels natural for your elbows to stick out to the side, but try to avoid this at all costs. Your elbow touching your hip keeps your racket nice and straight so you have more control when you hit the ball.

Let your golf club do its job

Most golfers think the harder you hit the ball, the further it will go. This is not necessarily true. It takes a precise swing right in the middle of the ball to go far. If you swing too hard and don’t hit the exact part of the club you need, the shot will be sliced ​​or turned into a fresh air shot. Take your time and make sure you hit the right point in the racket. Once you’ve mastered this, hit the ball with more force.

Hip rotation

Your whole body should move when you swing. Using only your upper body strength will not give you the full strength that you could get if you put your hips on the swing. As your swing goes down, your hips should follow the same movement. It’s almost like imitating the movement of the golf club. Your hips should swing at almost the same speed as the golf club. Watch the pros on TV when they swing. It’s almost like using their whole body to get the hit.

Stay fit

Swinging the golf club uses many muscles that are normally not used that often. Having a strict training regiment can help you improve your game. The better your core, back, legs, and arms fit, the better the chance you’ll hit the ball correctly every time and with consistency. Your muscles have memory and the more you use them, the more memory they retain.

Golf is a very challenging sport, but if you use the right techniques and preparation it will get easier over time.