Tony Robbins – Personal Power II – Day 18 End financial self-sabotage

Day 18

Today we’re learning about financial self-sabotage and how many of us (myself included) are really good at it. If we are sabotaging ourselves financially, it is because, in some ways, we believe that making money is more pain than pleasure.

Just like other habits and patterns that we have learned to change over the past 18 days, this major hurdle can be removed. Here are some great ways to prepare ourselves to be prepared for wealth.

1). First, we need to get rid of the idea that we are NOT rich. Access to public facilities such as highways, libraries and public parks is part of our property.

2). Then you will believe that we can help others achieve their dreams.

Think for a moment whether it is right or not dare to want more money. Is it right to expand our inclinations, our relationships, our relationship with our Creator or God, or improve our abilities? Sometimes people see this differently than expanding our financial capacity. No matter what environment one of us grew up in, there are always a few people from every environment who have become successful. There are also those who come out of privileges and have lost everything.

Here are 5 tips for eliminating financial self-sabotage:

1). Write about the pain you have due to the lack of financial abundance that you deserve.

The price for some is a lack of basic necessities like insurance – life or health, the ability to travel, or to buy a gift for a loved one. Arrange for delayed maintenance of your house such as a new roof or plumbing installation in good time.

What about preparing for retirement or living in a nicer area? The idea of ​​no money or little enough for college for the kids or yourself or money for emergencies. The list can get very long. What kind of pain is this causing you? Is it enough to change your beliefs to see that the pain really lies in the lack we have now rather than in worrying about what we would do if we actually did acquire financial abundance.

2). List the words that you associate with money. Mine were as broad as the following: freedom, extension, fun, larger social circle, pain, energy exchange, discomfort, strangeness, avoidance, and more options.

3). Write down what you heard about money when you were young. I still remember vividly parents who talked quietly about not having enough, and how can we afford each other? We couldn’t, so we went without a lot of things.

4). How would your life be bigger and better if finances were no longer an issue? How would your mood be overall? Would financial abundance open up opportunities for life? Couldn’t you be creating a legacy for your friends, family, and charities? How would it feel to be completely debt free? How would your self-esteem be? Would your stress change? You could have the best supplements and travel where you want.

5). To remove your limiting beliefs, add better, strengthening beliefs to them. Write it down and repeat it often.

Some people believe this when they just do working harder You will acquire financial wealth. This can produce results in the short term, but if financial beliefs are not more permanently adjusted to reflect new wealth, the stress may be too great to sustain those results. Does this make sense?

For the task:

Over the next ten days, write down three ideas that could lead to a higher income or three ways you can make more with your current income. You want to train your mind to look for new economic opportunities. This will help develop a mindset that looks for opportunities. There’s nothing wrong with that! Thanks for stopping by. What specific changes do you notice now?


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