Heated Travel Blanket – Bring the comfort of an electric blanket to the road

A heated travel blanket is a 12 volt, low voltage travel blanket that you can store in an easily accessible place. These portable electric blankets are an easy way to create the cozy comfort of your home when traveling in your car or sleeping in a tent. Cold is one of the guaranteed ways to spoil a trip, whether the person feeling cold is yourself as a partner or a child.

The heated electric travel blanket gives you a luxurious blanket and soft warmth wherever you have a 12 volt plug, e.g. B. in cars, boats or mobile homes. Great for cold morning starts or long journeys, the heated blanket will keep you warm whether or not it’s plugged into its own rechargeable power supply.

Storing one or more items in your car as part of your emergency equipment is also great when you need a rug for an impromptu picnic, concert, or stadium rug.

This blanket is a must have for road trips, especially if you live in an area that gets very cold in winter or at night. They can be a lifesaver if the kids have to sleep in the back seat during a trip. A heated travel blanket can be used like a normal travel blanket. However, if more heat is needed, it will heat up completely in about 10 minutes. Heated travel rugs are designed in such a way that the heat is evenly distributed so that there are no unpleasant “cold spots”. They generally consist of two layers that help capture and hold body heat.

Men and women have argued for years about air conditioning in hotel rooms, cars, etc. Many women often feel much colder than men. So if you enjoy traveling, buy one for yourself or for the lady in your life. With the heated travel blanket, she can wrap herself in the blanket, plug it in and be warm while her husband has the temperature set to what is comfortable for him – a great win-win situation. This could of course also apply the other way round =)

As with most travel blankets, electric travel blankets must be selected based on your needs:

  • Size is a factor as always, usually a larger one will fit more needs, but if you know you will only be using it for your dogs in the back seat, a smaller one might be a better choice.
  • Cable length can be a factor. Make sure the cord is long enough to be used on the nearest 12 volt lighter socket. This is probably not a big problem as most cars have a 12V lighter socket in the back, and most blankets come with a 6-foot or longer power cord, which should generally be long enough to hold the blanket in the back seat use.
  • An optional feature that might be worth a look is a safety timer with an automatic shutdown and reset button.

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