How I hit the golf ball and how you can too!

My 5 ways to keep hitting the golf ball!

Number one: More compression.

The compression of the golf ball occurs when the ball presses against your club face. It is the main transmission of forces between your body and the golf ball. To increase compression, you need to hit the golf ball harder and keep your hands well in front of the golf ball on impact. To practice and increase your compression, striking slap shots with a 6 iron is a fantastic drill. To really force the feeling of this movement, you need to focus on launching the golf ball as low as possible. It is very important to compress the golf ball further and more precisely.

Number two: Better to bend into your right side.

The rotation is very important to keep hitting the golf ball. It is the main place where raw electricity is stored. You need to focus on rotating your whole body into your right hip. When looking in a mirror, your hips should stay central as your left shoulder moves over your body and goes under your chin. This is a complete turnaround. 90 degree shoulder rotations are the bare minimum we’re looking for. Hopefully this move feels like a massive turnaround. If not, you’re either a gymnast or you’re not doing it right!

Number three: Create more breadth.

More width is partly created by better rotation. As you put your left shoulder across your body, you get a wider arch. The best way to do this is to start your golf swing very low and slowly. You also need to feel that your left arm is really extended and away from your body.

Number four: Hold your head back from impact.

If you hold your head back on impact, you can keep hitting the golf ball. The reason for this is that it not only creates perfect starting conditions, but also promotes separation of the hips. The hip separation is a huge source of energy that most golfers don’t use. When your hips part, the golf club is dropped inward to create a tie. However, they also create the x-factor, which is similar to a rubber band effect. This creates a tremendous distance if you only use your body properly.

Number five: Go to the gym!

The strongest muscles in your golf swing are the glutes and legs. They are ‘the kings of the swing’, no really! Your legs and glutes are strongest to keep hitting the golf ball. The best exercises for strengthening your legs and glutes are: squats, lunges, and leg presses. They are all very easy to do and fantastic for increasing your golf swing. Plus, you really need a flexible back. Mainly: pecs, lats, shoulders and neck. Really stretch these muscles before and after golf and you will gradually notice a huge difference. The workout can be a “slow burn”, but nothing big happens overnight. Stick around longer than anyone else and you’ll be the one to get the rewards!

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