Which power mover do I choose for my van, mobile home or horse-drawn carriage?

Al-Ko Power Mover

A model of the prime mover called the Al-ko comes with a handle and clamp. It is an efficient caravan driver and comes with the original double pawl ratchet system. This model can be mounted on either side of the drawbar for maximum maneuverability. It is attached to the normal support wheel holder and can be wrapped to a height of 840 mm. It comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee.

Trojan Ezi-Shifta ratchet support wheel

Another model sold by Trojan states that the Ezi-Shifta ratchet support wheel is easy to use and can move 2 tons on a flat surface with minimal effort. It has 3 functions – forward, backward and stop / lock. It is equipped with a 10-inch solid rubber wheel and has a load capacity of 280 kg.


Another type of power mover is the Ezimover made by Ark. You can maneuver a caravan or trailer using the support arm lever. When the blue buttons are pulled out, it will be set to reverse or forward. Due to the leverage, the wheel can only turn in this direction and block in the opposite direction. The motorhome can move sideways by turning the shaft. Moving the blue button to the stop position prevents freewheeling in any direction.

Warning: This must not be used as a parking brake.

Advantages and specifications are the four functions:

  • Forward,
  • turning back,
  • sideways and
  • lock
  • easy to use
  • The load capacity is 350 kg
  • Equipped with a 250mm solid rubber wheel

This jockey wheel comes with the screw, but the screws are not included. Disadvantages: Not to be used for tandem transporters, we only recommend a double-wheel maco mule.

Maco mule single wheel

This model has a lever wheel with a lever ratchet that a single person can use to park a trailer vehicle or attach it to the towing vehicle.


  • The ratchet arm can be moved up and down by one person for enormous mechanical advantage and to turn the traction wheel along
  • ideal for moving single-axle vehicles such as boats, caravans and trailers
  • comes with a 12 month guarantee

Maco Mule double wheel

This is another lever-operated and ratchet-operated support wheel that is suitable for a single person who parks or couples a towing vehicle.


  • When moving the ratchet arm up and down, a single person can gain enormous mechanical advantage and turn the traction wheel with it
  • Ideal for use with heavy trailers with tandem axles or when greater traction is required
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty

Most of these models have a lever handle that can be replaced at your local caravan accessory store.

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