Gulliver’s journey as a symbolic work

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was an author, journalist, and political activist. He is best known for his satirical novel Gulliver’s Journey and his satirical essay on the Irish Famine “A Modest Proposal”. ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ is a book of fantasy, satire, and political allegory, and it is very popular with all age groups. He wrote Gulliver’s Travels in 1725 and it was published in 1726.
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The book had great success throughout the British Empire and earned the titles of writer and commentator of great quality and reputation for the author. In this book Gulliver, a surgeon on a merchant ship, travels to four imaginary countries. So the book is divided into four parts.
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His first trip is to Lilliput, the inhabitants of which are about six inches tall. His second visit is to Brobdingnag, the land of giants. His third visit is to the islands of Laputa and Legedo, inhabited by philosophers and scientists, who keep a love of music and mathematics. His last visit is to the land of the Honyhnhnms and Yahoos. They are rational and civilized horses, and the Yahoo are unreasonable and bestial people, completely filthy.
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Before we discuss the symbols of his work “The Gulliver’s Travel”, we should know something about the literary term “symbol”. The word “symbol” is derived from the late Latin word “symbolum” and means “sign”, “sign” or “emblem”. It is indeed the ornament of literature. The author uses it to honestly reveal any hidden things or philosophy of work to readers as they may not have difficulty being understood.
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If something like this happened, the work would not be interesting and useful in representing age. It is evident that Jonathan Swift used symbols to convey his ideas to readers by making them easier with help. If we keep track of all things, we can say that a symbol is something that stands for something else. Everything in Gulliver’s Travels stands for something else because it was written to criticize contemporary philosophies and customs. Almost every person in this book represents either a historical figure or an idea.
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Let’s examine the symbols in his work The Gulliver’s Travel ‘.

In the first book, Swift tells Gulliver’s visit to Lilliputians, the six-inch inhabitants. They represent the symbol of the extreme pride of humanity. The author ironically represents the breed. He thinks they are little creatures with little thoughts, but they are the reservoir of overbite and conspiracy; Still, they think they’re great.
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Gulliver falls under the spell of their vain glory and becomes gullible through their threats of punishment, even though the race has no real physical power over him. Gulliver learns more about the Lilliputian culture and the huge difference in size between him and the race. It is an explicit satire by the British government.
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Gulliver finds that Lilliputian government officials are selected for their tightrope skills, which are recognized as arbitrary and ridiculous. It symbolizes England’s arbitrary political appointment system. The difference in their size symbolizes the importance of physical strength.
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Gulliver can destroy the Lilliputians by walking carelessly, but they do not realize their own insignificance, which symbolizes their faint heartedness. They keep Gulliver tied up believing that they can control him. Swift symbolizes humanity’s hollow claim to power and meaning.
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Swift is very careful with his satire and use of symbols. The articles that Gulliver signed to gain his freedom are in formal and self-important language and symbolize a meaningless and contradicting piece of paper, for Gulliver is the symbol of great strength and power.
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He can break all ties for his own safety. The story of the conflict between Lilliput and Blefuscu is ridiculous. The high heels and the low heels symbolize the Whigs and Tories of English politics. Liliput and Blefuscu symbolize England and France. The violent conflict between Big Endians and Little Endians symbolizes the Protestant Reformation and centuries of warfare between Catholics and Protestants.
European history, then, is a series of brutal wars over meaningless and arbitrary differences of opinion. The conflict “how a person cracks an egg” is a symbol of silliness and triviality. It is ridiculous and unreasonable to conclude that there is no right or wrong way to worship. Swift suggests that the Christian Bible can be interpreted in more than one way. It is ridiculous for people to argue about how to interpret it when you are unsure whether your interpretation is right and others are wrong.
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The Lilliputian emperor is the symbol of tyranny, cruelty, and corruption, and he is obsessed with ceremonies that depict an immutable symbol of bad government. It is also a biting satire of George I, King of England (from 1714 to 1727) during much of Swift’s career.
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He has no admiration for the king. The Lilliputian empress represents Queen Anne, who blocked Swift’s ascension to the Church of England after insulting some of his previous satires. Gulliver’s urination in her neighborhood represents Swift’s work ‘A Tale of a Tub’.
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The Empress’ disgust at Gulliver’s urination resembles Queen Anne’s criticism of Swift’s work and her efforts to curtail his prospects in the Church of England. In fact, his urination symbolizes his ability to control the Lilliputians. It shows the importance of physical strength.
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Gulliver disregards the emperor’s orders to destroy the Blefuscu fleet and shows his sense of responsibility towards all beings. Gulliver is able to change Lilliputian society forever.
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There is a reference to the army between Lilliput and Blefuscu that symbolizes their patriotic glory with such proud marching of armies. The Lilliputian Emperor’s request of Gulliver to serve as a makeshift triumphal arch for the troops is a pathetic reminder that their grand parade is utterly silly. The war with Blefuscu is the symbol of the absurdity that emerges from wounded vanity. Hence, the Lilliputians symbolize lost human pride and it shows Gulliver’s inability to properly diagnose it.
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In Book II (Part II) Jonathan Swift tells Gulliver’s visit to the giant island. Here his walk is not a symbol of danger for the Borbding rodents, as it was during his visit to Lilliput, because the situation is reversed. Borbdingnagians represent English ways. After a brief stint as a work freak, Gulliver is rescued by the King and Queen and lives a life of considerable comfort at court. He spends a lot of time learning the language and talking to the King about life in England.
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The king emerges as a just, merciful ruler, a very personable and humane man. The Borbdingnagians symbolize the private, personal and physical side of humans on closer inspection. In Liliputans, Gulliver symbolized god-like power, but here he is the symbol of the slave and puppet to perform various tricks for paying spectators. The Borbdingnagians do not symbolize negative human traits. The behavior of the Borbdingnagians is different and appears to be more civilized than that of Gulliver.
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The Queen’s goodwill towards Gulliver and common sense views are found. His enslavement is virtual and symbolizes the basic humanity of the Borbdingnagians. It is similar to Europeans who are happy to take a quick leap when the opportunity arises. He is a golden puppet in her hands, and he is given a comfortable cradle with protection from the rats.
In this book we find a dwarf incapable of attaining the power generally associated with great physical size, but acquiring a distinctive character that symbolizes the politics of those who try not to gain power through physical strength attain, but by their distinctive character, which is exactly immoral and exactly ordinary. The ladies and their shortcomings symbolize the imperfection, which is examined by close examination. Gulliver’s microscopic view of flies and meat symbolizes the discovery of the microscope. Books with enlarged images were first published in the late 17th century. Such microscopic views knew the level of complexity and error. In his eyes, the tiny size of Europeans corresponds to their moral weakness. Gulliver’s range of gunpowder represents the imperfection of the British. The rejection of the king symbolizes this race more humanly than the other races. This means that in this society the vices are minimized as much as possible. While this race has shown great moral achievement, it is still not perfect.

Gulliver’s third visit is to Lupta, which shows Swift’s attack on science and abstract knowledge. The Laputans are the symbol of the stupidity of theoretical knowledge that is irrelevant to human life. During his voyage, his ship was attacked by the pirates. He spoke to them in Dutch, but later his exposure to pagans more merciful than Christian symbolized Swift’s religious beliefs. During this visit, electricity is implemented not by physical size but by technology. The floating island is both a formidable weapon and an allegorical image that is the symbol of government and the people. During this visit he recounts the Laputans’ rigid devotion to abstract theory, language, architecture and geography, which symbolizes non-humanity. Scientists are busy extracting rays from the sun from cucumbers, turning excrement back into food, and turning ice into gunpowder. The architect is tasked with designing houses from the roof down that symbolize impossibility and futility and represent the scientific society founded in 1660. Robert Boyle, Robert Hooke, and Isaac Newton were all members of the Royal Society. Its main role was to use the new techniques of science to improve the craft etc. The theorist ruined a country by forcing its people to follow their fresh and utterly useless methods.

Gulliver’s escape to Glubbdubdrib symbolizes Swift’s attempt to question the standards of abstract learning. Overall, the ancient Greeks and Romans were seen as really virtuous, where Europeans were somewhat degenerate. Apart from that, the Struldburgs von Luggnagg symbolize human desires. They are looking for eternal life and the primary benefits of old age. Indeed, the wisdom of old age can be used to help humanity, but the immortal Struldburgs only become more prejudicial and selfish. The strong sadness of the Struldbrugs and the emptiness of Gulliver’s desire to acquire wealth symbolize Swift’s condemnation of such selfish goals as the condition of small minds, which are irrelevant to good society.

Jonathan Swift tells the fourth journey from Gulliver to Honyhnhnms and represents an ideal of rational existence. Here man is supposed to be Yahoo, and he is exposed to the animals. It represents that the animals are more civilized or an exemplary citizen. Your society is protected from crime, poverty, disagreement and misfortune. You are unaware of passion, joy, and ecstatic love. The Honyhnhnms appeal to reason, rather than any scripture, as a criterion for appropriate action. They do not use force, only strong admonitions. All of Gulliver’s grief suggests that they influenced him more than any other society he has attended.

In fact, it’s a bitter criticism of people. Jonathan Swift chose humanity on all three visits, but here he chose animals. Indeed, the Honyhnhnms represent the false and ostentatious arrogance of man in the power of reason. Gulliver’s making a canoe by sewing to collect Yahoo’s skins for escaping the island represents his quick cynicism for people. If we discuss it further, the cynic or satirist’s main weapon is to improve humanity because every satirist is a reformer by heart.

Indeed, it is the nutshell view of his book. His work needs more attention and more time. It hides a great treasure of the respective age. His criticism is recognized to be quick and harsh, but he was not used to exploiting people, but to correcting them by picking out their follies.
Ask the average Greek citizen who is Bitcoin and they may look a little confused. The average Greek citizen does not even know what cryptocurrency is. Greece lags behind the bottom of the list in terms of technological improvements, according to the European Commission. Many Greeks do not know how to invest their money, let alone save money. The current financial crisis has shed new light on this issue. So what prompted the Greek people to start incorporating cryptocurrency into their lives? You’ve already read the main thread, why, but let’s go into it.
Andreas M. Antonopul, a Greek technology entrepreneur, explains it as follows. In a highly publicized interview with the Crypt Garden, he stated that “when Greek banks went out of business in the midst of the 2015 financial crisis, the public was looking for a safe alternative on the internet, starting with the Greek crypt frenzy. As a result, cryptography became an asset haven as banks became more volatile and less secure in asset safe-keeping. ”


What is the powertrain in a minibus rental?

A powertrain is in every way made up of a part that generates energy. A minibus renter’s powertrain is slightly different from a car. In your minibus, you want to convert energy into torque and then send that energy into the element that transmits that force to air, water or road. The basic explanation of what a powertrain is, you probably want to include vehicles that don’t have wheels. It may seem simple, but powertrains can be extremely complicated systems. The motor that generates the torque can be driven manually or chemically, e.g. B. Gasoline, or it can be a windmill or even a core.
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In the engineering field, they are trying to develop different methods of generating energy by experimenting with a variety of alternative fuels such as biodiesel and synthetic fuels, as well as fuel cell technology. There are several types of burn that are also being developed. The main goal in the design of a powertrain is to provide a drive with low energy consumption. In a green world, you now want to reduce by-products or pollution.

For example, a minibus powertrain could be called “Hefty”, while a hybrid commuter car powertrain can be sold for low power needs to prove an inexpensive but well-powered vehicle. You’ll need to check the manufacturer’s powertrain warranty to make sure your minibus rental company has the best powertrain you can get for the type of vehicle you want.


Tips for travel banner ads

There’s a lot of power in travel banner ads. The following tips will help you use this power and catapult your company to new heights. There are many ways to develop buzz and hype online, especially if you encourage customers to try new travel packages. Exploring banner ads and adding them to your internet marketing campaign is a fantastic way to spread details about your hotel, restaurant, and other travel products and services. Posting banner advertising is one of the most distinctive and is considered one of the most effective methods of marketing on the Internet. As you can see, banner advertising makes your offer particularly visible when your ads appear on high-traffic websites that relate to your niche.

Banner advertising increases interest in your travel package or website. This is one of the many reasons why the travel industry is very aware of creating targeted campaigns for their travel products. The more targeted the traffic on your travel site, the better your conversion rate. And the good news is that the average cost of travel banner ads isn’t that high compared to other traditional paid marketing methods like pay-per-click. One of the most effective ways to benefit from banner ads is to exchange banners between one or more websites. With a banner swap, you don’t spend money on advertising. However, be aware of the quality and traffic of the website with which you exchange banners.

An important tip for advertising banners is to place the banner on a website with relevant content. For example, placing your travel banner on a dog training website may not be the most effective way to use your advertising dollars. Do everything possible to send your visitors to a clear landing page. Make sure that once you click your banner, visitors will be directed to a page that meets their needs. Place your banner in a strategic location to encourage more clicks. This may require some testing on your part to determine what attracts your audience more. Your travel banner should refer to an offer and focus on a specific area.
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Coordinate your travel banner with the color of the website. When swapping banners, take a closer look at the site you want to swap with to create a banner that is easy to integrate with the color scheme. Choosing the right colors can make all the difference in the world. Therefore, spend some time creating a dynamic banner for every webpage it appears on. With this in mind, understand that the travel industry is a trillion-dollar industry. The competition is tough and your travel banner ads need to stand out from the competition. Calculate how much you want to spend on your travel banner, and then have one designed to fit your offer perfectly. Contact an expert who sets standards and works as hard as you do to get clicks on your travel ad banners.
Robina says she declined the request, took a screenshot and contacted both friends and the Transit Police.
The request was sent to her twice more before she got off the bus, she says.
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The transit police say they managed to get some surveillance material from the bus and the investigation is ongoing.
“It’s very unusual,” Const. Mike Jek told the Transit Police at Global News. “Our investigators have certain opportunities that they can use to investigate such situations.”


Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Golf Skills

Golfers are always looking for great ways to improve their skills. I’ve compiled a list of the top three ways to improve your golf skills without paying an instructor to help you.

Your elbow must touch your hip

One of the biggest mistakes most golfers make is keeping their elbows off their hips. It’s very easy to miss this step as it feels natural for your elbows to stick out to the side, but try to avoid this at all costs. Your elbow touching your hip keeps your racket nice and straight so you have more control when you hit the ball.

Let your golf club do its job

Most golfers think the harder you hit the ball, the further it will go. This is not necessarily true. It takes a precise swing right in the middle of the ball to go far. If you swing too hard and don’t hit the exact part of the club you need, the shot will be sliced ​​or turned into a fresh air shot. Take your time and make sure you hit the right point in the racket. Once you’ve mastered this, hit the ball with more force.

Hip rotation

Your whole body should move when you swing. Using only your upper body strength will not give you the full strength that you could get if you put your hips on the swing. As your swing goes down, your hips should follow the same movement. It’s almost like imitating the movement of the golf club. Your hips should swing at almost the same speed as the golf club. Watch the pros on TV when they swing. It’s almost like using their whole body to get the hit.

Stay fit

Swinging the golf club uses many muscles that are normally not used that often. Having a strict training regiment can help you improve your game. The better your core, back, legs, and arms fit, the better the chance you’ll hit the ball correctly every time and with consistency. Your muscles have memory and the more you use them, the more memory they retain.

Golf is a very challenging sport, but if you use the right techniques and preparation it will get easier over time.


How to put your table lamp back together

Have you ever had to pull apart your table lamp, perhaps to replace a globe or a damaged socket, only to find that you have no idea how to reassemble it? While they may look awfully complicated, these types of lamps are actually quite easy to put back together.

Step 1: Place the base on a flat work surface, followed by the body. The base often has a hole in the center for the power cord to run out of, while the body should have a hole on either end.

Step 2: Slide the rod into the top hole in the body, out there into the bottom hole, and into the base. Place a washer over the end of the rod and screw it in place. Then feed the string into the bottom of the pole and out through the top. Screw in the neck (if the table lamp has one) and the harp.

Step 3: Place the base cap over the bottom of the harp and screw it onto the pole to make sure it is the right way up. Wrap the “hot” wire around the gold screw on the base and the “neutral” wire around the silver screw.

Step 4: Place the base shell over the lamp socket, making sure to insert the cables into it. Squeeze the ends of the harp together and slide it into the bottom of the bowl. Then screw in a lightbulb.

When assembling your table lamp, note that depending on the type, additional or even fewer steps are required. If you’re stuck assembling your lamp, contact a lighting specialist or even the manufacturer for advice.


Heated Travel Blanket – Bring the comfort of an electric blanket to the road

A heated travel blanket is a 12 volt, low voltage travel blanket that you can store in an easily accessible place. These portable electric blankets are an easy way to create the cozy comfort of your home when traveling in your car or sleeping in a tent. Cold is one of the guaranteed ways to spoil a trip, whether the person feeling cold is yourself as a partner or a child.

The heated electric travel blanket gives you a luxurious blanket and soft warmth wherever you have a 12 volt plug, e.g. B. in cars, boats or mobile homes. Great for cold morning starts or long journeys, the heated blanket will keep you warm whether or not it’s plugged into its own rechargeable power supply.

Storing one or more items in your car as part of your emergency equipment is also great when you need a rug for an impromptu picnic, concert, or stadium rug.

This blanket is a must have for road trips, especially if you live in an area that gets very cold in winter or at night. They can be a lifesaver if the kids have to sleep in the back seat during a trip. A heated travel blanket can be used like a normal travel blanket. However, if more heat is needed, it will heat up completely in about 10 minutes. Heated travel rugs are designed in such a way that the heat is evenly distributed so that there are no unpleasant “cold spots”. They generally consist of two layers that help capture and hold body heat.

Men and women have argued for years about air conditioning in hotel rooms, cars, etc. Many women often feel much colder than men. So if you enjoy traveling, buy one for yourself or for the lady in your life. With the heated travel blanket, she can wrap herself in the blanket, plug it in and be warm while her husband has the temperature set to what is comfortable for him – a great win-win situation. This could of course also apply the other way round =)

As with most travel blankets, electric travel blankets must be selected based on your needs:

  • Size is a factor as always, usually a larger one will fit more needs, but if you know you will only be using it for your dogs in the back seat, a smaller one might be a better choice.
  • Cable length can be a factor. Make sure the cord is long enough to be used on the nearest 12 volt lighter socket. This is probably not a big problem as most cars have a 12V lighter socket in the back, and most blankets come with a 6-foot or longer power cord, which should generally be long enough to hold the blanket in the back seat use.
  • An optional feature that might be worth a look is a safety timer with an automatic shutdown and reset button.

Tips from a power washing consultant for getting started in the rail industry

In this troubled economy, it may come as a surprise to hear that washing railcars and locomotives under pressure is a lucrative market. Railway companies used to do the work in-house, now most companies outsource the work to a car wash company. According to Paul Horsley, a professional power laundry consultant and president of Scotts Pressure Wash in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is a market that pressure wash companies should seriously consider:

“The rail industry in North America is much bigger than most people think, and just like other modes of transport, railroad companies require power washing services,” says Horsley. Statistics from the Association of American Railroads show that Canada, Mexico, and the United States have more than 1.59 million freight cars and 24,143 locomotives in service. You can bet a good number of these railcars will travel through your state on any given day moves! “”

From removing graffiti from tankers to dry sweepers to degreasing locomotives, the industry has plenty of options for any car wash company willing to put in extra efforts to build a customer base and secure contracts.

While adding the rail industry to your service list might sound intimidating, most of what you know about pressure washers can be applied to railcars. With a little additional research and some advice from a pressure washing advisor, working on the railroad is a perfectly attainable and profitable goal.

Here are some things you need to know before you prepare a bid:

The type of railcar you need to clean. Ask your customer if there are any industry or company specific regulations that you should be aware of. For example, when washing locomotives, pressure washing the disc brakes can cause corrosion, resulting in brake failure. This is a significant safety risk, and the American Association of Railroads has written guidelines that require waterproof tarpaulins to cover the brakes before washing begins.

Place. Where is the job done? Who does the land belong to? Is there a source of water available? What are the environmental requirements and where is the wastewater disposed of? Wastewater recovery requires careful planning: trucking in the water, access to an elevator to work on railcars, ensuring that all pressure washers are functional and equipped with the appropriate chemicals, and most importantly, adequate safety equipment to protect workers from chemical overspray and risk of falling.

Timeline. Horsley expects the rail industry to have tight deadlines on contracts as they need to get their railcars back into service as soon as possible. It is not unusual to have to clean an entire unit train consisting of 125 multiple units in three days. Horsley also explains the importance of visiting the website in advance:

“Although I did my due diligence and visited the rural site in advance, I never thought about how different this site would be after a period of heavy rainfall. We only had a short window of time to complete the work and because of the rain We had great difficulty getting equipment in and out of the job site – to say it was a challenge to get the job done on time and on budget would be an understatement! I’ve since learned that having one is a good idea to allow additional day to be built into the construction site to take unforeseen circumstances into account. “

After you’ve spoken to a pressure washing advisor and set up a system, you’re ready to begin cleaning the railcars. The chemicals most commonly used in cleaning railcars are sulfuric acid, ammonium bifluoride and hydrofluoric acid. The cleaning takes place in six steps:

1) Clean roof: dry wash and rinse

2) Clean the sides and undercarriage

3) Start wastewater recovery at the same time

4) Remove graffiti that may require manual scrubbing

5) Apply degreaser if necessary

6) Flush the entire unit from top to bottom, including the wheels and undercarriage

7) Repeat. To repeat. To repeat.

Splint-related cleaning options include:

– Freight wagons (pressure wash outside. Dry cleaning / steam inside.)

– Tanker (external pressure wash and graffiti removal)

– Grain bin (manual removal of dirt on the end decks and pressure washing)

– Locomotives (external pressure wash with special consideration of the engine compartment)

“Once you’ve got a system in place, it’s quick and easy,” says Horsley, who is also a longtime member of High Pressure Washers of North America (PWNA). For more information on train cleaning, please contact your local power cleaning advisor first. You can also register for a two-day workshop at PWNA at


Ecotourism: Giving Back While Traveling, History of the Indian Church Development Project in Belize

A group of artists, architects, and archaeologists, partly motivated by the relentless efforts of K. Pierce, have volunteered to work with the residents of Indian Church Village Belize to help them set up a local handicraft workshop or home industry to produce high quality Mayan handicrafts that they can sell to tourists. Our efforts also include education-based programs, including a library and literacy workshops, as well as a scholarship program. We hope that this will ultimately provide an economic and educational basis for many of the people who live in this very rural village (a village that doesn’t even have electricity and whose school for students ends at the age of 13!).

Indian Church Village Artisans, Belize (ICVA)

In the summer of 2000, we received a small scholarship to teach the people of the Indian Church in Belize handicrafts and integrate the community into the archaeological site of Lamanai. We have been working on this craft training project ever since. Many art workshops have been held for the residents of Indian Church Village in recent years. We emphasize the art of the Maya, especially that at the Lamanai location, as well as the revival of the old handicraft traditions. There are currently four groups including metal smiths, potters, stonemasons and a sewing group.

A non-profit organization called the Indian Church Village Artisans (ICVA) was formed and registered with the Government of Belize. We received a grant from the UK High Commission to build a handicraft center in the village. The building was completed in 2003 and it is now important to continue to raise additional funds for tools and equipment, as well as funds for teaching additional classes. The project also secured funding through the efforts of K. Pierce of Rotary International and Belize’s Social Investment Fund (SIF), who provided a reliable solar power system, classes and supplies for the craftsmen.

Indian Church Village Library

The Indian Church Village Library in Belize opened in July 2004 and is open 4 days a week. It offers summer reading incentive programs, adult literacy classes, and a reliable place to study for students. Recent fundraisers secured the librarian an annual salary, built a 10 by 16 inch addition, and added shelves and other necessary furniture. It still needs financial and financial support. The librarian received training from Belize National Library Service (BNLS) workshops.

Indian Church Village Scholarship Program

There are approximately 9 students from Indian Church Village in Belize who have received a scholarship and are going to school after age 13 (which is the typical age to quit as there is no school nearby AND it is very expensive to continue their education). A Canadian non-profit organization called S.H.A.R.E. played a huge role in this, as did K. Pierce’s private fundraising drives. These students must be at least 1 hour (approximately 2 hours) away and stay in a safe home during the week to attend middle and high school. The cost of this is out of reach for many residents of this small, remote village.

Beyond Touring is an ecotourism company This partly financially supports the possibilities of ecological and cultural tourism and supports this project to improve the community.


A stock that is bigger than Amazon and Google combined

At the boarding school in India we waited eagerly for power outages.

Blackouts for us kids meant we could light our candles and play with wax. We lit pencils, erasers, or anything we could find.

We could also avoid doing our homework. Instead of working, we just played in the dark.

Power outages were so common that we knew how to go to mass in the dark for dinner. And then we made our way back to our dorms with no lights.

We got ready for bed with a couple of kerosene-powered lanterns.

In India at the time, electricity was as much a luxury as it was a necessity. We knew how to live with or without.

That was then. In India and around the world, electricity and general energy are a necessity today. Life stops when there is no energy.

In the United States, energy is the lifeblood of our economy. And we are currently experiencing a historic transition to a new form of energy.

This new form of energy will disrupt at least three main parts of our economy. And I believe it will make a huge fortune for those who invest in it.

New energy: a megatrend

I present the fourth megatrend. This megatrend is new energy.

New energy is energy that comes from natural sources.

Sources such as sun, wind, waves or geothermal energy.

The other thing about new energy is that it is storable and portable.

After all, the last thing about new energy is that it is local, which means that you get your energy from somewhere near you, like your home.

When you put it together it will mean a revolution in the way we live, work and travel.

There is one company leading the new energy revolution … and it will be bigger than Amazon and Google combined.

You see, this company has products that touch every aspect of new energy, from getting its energy from natural sources, to storing it so it can be generated locally, to portability so it can be used for travel.

With those aspects together, this company will disrupt three massive industries.

The essence of “disruptification”

These three industries are the utility industry, the energy industry and the transportation industry.

My estimate is that the companies in the industries that disrupt and potentially wipe this single company have a market value of more than $ 7 trillion. This company has the potential to increase its current value by ten times, or 1,000%.

You might think this way of thinking is insane and just hype.

However, I can tell you that few people in the early days believed that Amazon would single-handedly dominate retail.

Or that Google almost has a monopoly on text advertising.

Or that Netflix would be a global video streaming powerhouse.

The reason these companies were able to build these amazing domineering companies is because the technology they used could be applied to already large categories of companies.

In other words, they were simply taking customers away from companies that were using old, outdated, outdated technology and business methods.

This is the essence of the “disorder” where the old way of doing things is replaced with new ones … in a short time.

Like what Netflix, Amazon, and Google did

Right now, the energy, utilities, and transportation industries are going through what Netflix, Amazon, and Google did for their various industries a few years ago.

The old will be obliterated and the new will take its place.

This is an exceptional opportunity to make massive profits when you are ready to get involved in the new ventures.

As you can imagine, I can’t give away the stock.

However, I’ll say that investors are going to lose an incredible amount of money buying stocks of old companies with old, outdated, outdated technology. Sooner than later, these companies will be wiped out and their stocks will go to zero.


Strong papillary light reflex in infants associated with a later diagnosis of autism

How many of you like to travel? As humans, almost all of us have a desire to travel, visit previously unknown places, explore uncharted territory (although, quite frankly, there aren’t many places that can claim to be uncharted territory in this century). Now the point is whether we all or each of us, regardless of our love of travel, actually enjoy traveling and the benefits associated with it like getting to know new places, learning a new culture, etc., unless we had the strength of seeing, right?

Importance of the eyes

I mean, how could we gasp at the sight of the now extinct Fiji volcano, or how could we enjoy the lush greenery of the Canadian forests or say, how could we see the almost dreamlike Taj Mahal on a moonlit night, or how could we see love that our parents had or still have for us if we didn’t have this God-given vision?

Medical conditions related to the eye

Under these circumstances we realize the importance of our eyes, because being eyes lives in the 21st century with any light that exists in primeval darkness without light or illumination. And since the subject of darkness was brought up, why not talk about how sad or depressed or irritated we feel when load shedding occurs? It is in these moments that we realize, even if only for a short time, what it means to be blind or without eyesight. Now, of course, do the eyes have their own diseases or diseases that affect them too?

Read on to learn more about such a disease or medical condition of the eyes that is common around the world.


Autism is or can be defined as a disease or medical condition that leads to social awkwardness and repetition of thoughts or behaviors or patterns in the same.

Papillary reactions

Scientific studies have shown that infants or older children with autism tend to be more sensitive to light, meaning that they exhibit a strong papillary light reflex when exposed to it. When more studies were done, they showed that infants were more likely to be diagnosed with autism than the general population because they exhibited this strong papillary response more strongly than the general adult population.

What are papillary reactions?

Papillary responses can be defined as responses of the nerves of the eyes when exposed to a particular optical environment or an environment containing different degrees or types of light. The reactions can be extreme or normal or below average.


Autism can therefore be said to be a disease or medical deficiency that leads to social awkwardness and repetition of thoughts and behavior, and one of its most visible symptoms in relation to the eyes is the strong papillary reaction or hypersensitivity to light.


Power golf swing requires more accuracy than a weak one

Many golfers come to me to increase the power of their golf swings, as I do. They’re usually surprised that I start their training with the basics by starting with the short game shots and using the sand wedge.

To have an extremely powerful golf swing, a fundamentally solid swing is essential. All the levers on the body that control the club’s face and the direction of the club heads must be trained to slowly control the club. This is so that when we are vibrating very strongly, the control factors have all been programmed into our swing and practiced perfectly.

Since the release actions I have taught are generally at odds with the release most players have learned, I find that learning to use the ingredients while practicing the short game shots creates total control when making the fuller and harder swings do. It is also much easier to learn these actions when performed slowly and with great precision.

To understand this better, think about how one would learn a complex piano piece. The pattern would be learned first and later as the pattern was completely installed in the memory bank and as easy as signing your name would be top speed.

Read my e-zine article for the Down Under and Up version to better understand why this needs to be programmed into your swing and old habits.


How mobility scooters and power wheelchairs can help your disabled and elderly parents

Mobility scooters and power wheelchairs can help your disabled and elderly parents move or travel easily. Your parents will regain their lost freedom. You will always appear cheerful and happy. It will motivate them to live better. Keeping your parents happy and stress-free will improve their health and age.

If your parents can walk a few steps and sit up straight without assistance, this scooter should be your preferred choice.

An electric wheelchair is a powered wheelchair that is useful for the elderly with extreme fatigue, endurance, mobility, or cardiovascular problems. If your parents cannot walk or sit straight without assistance, an electric wheelchair should be your preferred choice.

Both devices are useful for traveling inside or outside the home.

USP of power wheelchairs

Effortless movement

• Your parents can move easily inside / outside the house without any help or effort.

• You only have to use your fingers to control the movement of the wheelchair.

• Your parents will feel very comfortable in the wheelchair because it is light, wide and durable, and it is equipped with a coil spring suspension.

• You can easily keep your feet on a footrest to maintain a straight posture. It will help improve blood circulation naturally.

• They require minimal care and assistance to move from one room to another. You can take a book off the shelf or enjoy a cup of coffee on your own.

• You do not need to constantly monitor your parents during marriages or social gatherings. Your parents can comfortably move and socialize with their old friends, family members and other guests.

USP of Mobility Scooters

Travel smoothly

• You will find a special bottle and medication holder to store water bottles and medication in a scooter.

• Your parents can easily walk to a medical or grocery store on a scooter without assistance.

• You will feel good on a scooter as it looks stylish and elegant compared to a regular and manual wheelchair.

• These power operated devices are lightweight, durable, and sturdy for your parents to carry comfortably.

• It is equipped with an automatically folding back system so that your parents can rest.

• All normal safety functions such as speed reduction and auto-stop function etc. are included.

Important facts

• You need to charge the battery regularly to avoid problems.

• You must consult a neurosurgeon before buying a scooter or wheelchair.

• You will need to monitor your parents for a few days until they are comfortable on this type of chair or scooter.

To conclude, Mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs play an important role in the lives of our elderly parents.


6 travel tips that everyone should know

Multiple countries, thousands of flights and endless road trips. This is the life of a travel writer and it teaches you a lot of fair things. I want to share some of my travel tips with you as I have found them very helpful in every trip I have been on.

Be annoying

It’s time to talk to different people. The waiter, the concierge, the bar staff or the customer at the next table who looks good. If you ask them questions about what to see, you will find that people are happy to share their tips and knowledge with you. Trust me, a lot of people get nervous, but if you happen to start a conversation, you are just one step away from the nearest hidden gem.

Get out of bed

This is the hardest thing to do, especially for those who love to stay in bed a little longer than usual. It’s best to get up early because a lot happens before brunch. So get out there and have breakfast in Washington for dinner or visit Italy’s best beach before hordes of tourists arrive. Trust me you won’t regret it. You can sleep as much as you want once you get home.

Keep your phone charged

There’s nothing worse than running out of technology due to a dead battery. Take a power bank with you so that the battery never runs out.

Join the cloud

The iPhone is of no value, and for one main reason: pictures. Memories are the best thing you do when you travel, and without them the charm of a trip is lost. Gone are the days when you kept the manual backup. Apple will now keep you up to date with iCloud, set up your cloud and have access to every photo and video from anywhere.

Remember your favorites

Do you remember that fantastic restaurant the last time you went to New York four years ago? No? This is bad! The next time you ask your phone to remind you, just write the name of the place on Google Maps, then hit Save. This method helps in starring it so you can always go back and check it out.

Carry cash with you

From Amsterdam to Cambodia, lack of money is not much. You won’t find ATMs everywhere and you can’t always use your debit / credit cards to pay for hotels, bars and restaurants. Bring an emergency cash equivalent of approximately USD 150 or the local currency of the destination you are visiting.