Monticello Power Cruiser – Travel in style


The Doral Monticello Power Cruiser is a first class ship that offers both space and comfort. This 28-foot power yacht is a solid 8’5-inch magic carpet weighing 6000 pounds that will take you anywhere. The ship is available with petrol or diesel engines. The diesel model offers 230 hp and the feeling of a much larger boat. The fuel capacity is 75-100 gallons for a longer range. The ship has great performance and low fuel consumption.

Climb aboard the Doral 250 and feel like you are on a much larger boat. The functional cockpit layout has a double steering position with a sun lounger on the port side. Aft is a rear lounge with two positions and a large U-shaped seating area. The cockpit offers a spacious, open ambience with a table that can be converted into a sun lounger for two people. Enter the cabin to experience the cozy comfort of the Doral 250. This cruiser offers an incredible amount of space. The acrylic cabin door can be easily moved on the vinyl rails to expose four berths inside. There is a fixed double rear dining area in the bow. The impression of spaciousness is enhanced by the elegant port kitchen, which contains a refrigerator, a single burner, a microwave, a sink and plenty of storage space. All cabinets are elegantly finished and painted. and Berber carpeting is available.

The main compartment with marine toilet, sink and shower and water heater is located on the starboard side. There is a medicine cabinet, a door mirror, an opening curtain and a tap. There is also a 110 volt electrical box with a 110 volt socket cover.

Also on the starboard side, the steering position has an FM DSC radio and a Garmin GPS / chart plotter. Most models are equipped with 12 V batteries, alternator, inverter, shore power and cables, storage container and macerator. The models are equipped with warm air heating, trim tab display, TV antenna, front sun cushion, spotlights, windlass, warps / fenders, boat hooks, navigation lights and 6-stack CD stereo. There is also an outboard motor mount in the engine compartment.

The safety features include a fire extinguisher in the engine compartment and a fire blanket. The tailgate can be opened and leads to a large, extended bathing platform with a stainless steel ladder. The platform has a barrier-free storage space with flush lock and hatch and can be equipped with a diving platform.

You can equip it with a framed cockpit housing and a foldable radar arch. You can find more information under the following link: –


Travel Power Wheelchair – Highly specialized versions can cost up to $ 30,000

For those who suffer from limited mobility problems, the solution is an electric wheelchair. It helps a person to move at will, and they can also control the chair with the performance controls. If you also have a busy lifestyle and need to travel frequently, you can opt for an electric wheelchair. These are folding chairs that can be easily disassembled and packed in the back of a car. Nowadays you get special ones that are technologically advanced and have many functions. These can cost up to $ 30,000.

One of the lightest versions is the foldable manual wheelchair. These are lightweight chairs and can be folded to a very small size. However, not everyone is able to maneuver a manual wheelchair and may need a powered one. These are heavy, but you can also find a wheelchair that can be easily disassembled and packed in the car or plane. These can be removed from the engine and then folded up. Then you can carry the motor separately and the rest of the chair in a different pack.

When disassembled, the heavy versions of the powered ones weigh about 80 pounds, while the lighter versions weigh about 60 pounds. Travel wheelchairs are not specifically designed to carry heavy weights. However, you may find a suitable high-performance wheelchair that can carry robust people. The highest capacity travel chairs can carry about 300 pounds.

Travel rules for traveling on an airplane

When traveling on an airplane, it is important that you understand the rules and regulations for carrying your power wheelchair. You can call the aircraft help desk and let them know that you are traveling in a wheelchair. They will then be informed of your arrival and will help you check in your wheelchair. You can also ask them for help to find your chair once you have reached your destination. As a precaution, you must always have enough batteries or a suitable charger with you when traveling so that you do not run out of power.